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What to Expect at a Birthday Party

Whatever location you use, or whether you throw the party in your own yard, you can expect a superfun family birthday with family and friends. You control all aspects of the party. Most people have a three hour party. The inflatables would be set up before the party begins, so when guests arrive, everything is perfect. Also during this set up time, family members decorate the hall and lay the tables out, and prepare the food for the party. In some cases we can be flexible with the hours, but especially on Saturdays, we usually have two time slots, early (11am till 2pm) and late (4pm till 7pm). Most parties begin with playing on the inflatables for an hour, doing dinner, then Happy Birthday, then gifts. During this time, we can shut off the inflatables to reduce noise and distraction, or keep them on as you desire. This takes about 45 minutes on average. Sometimes families do a pinata, which they can hang from the basketball net. Then kids can return to the castles to play. After the three hours, the inflatables would be packed up, tables put away, and the kitchen cleaned up, all usually in half an hour. This formula for a great birthday seems to work excellently and parents of the birthday child love the whole design of the party. People love the hall, the relaxed and traditional family birthday atmosphere, and fact that it all results in very happy and tired kids.

We will set up anywhere you want. Halls have their own costs (follow the link). Our favourite location is Evangel Church, in any season, though our customers use a number of different locations in Thunder Bay:
Here is an inexhaustive list.

We are happy to set up the castles, though you might save some money by setting up/packing up yourself, OR helping us to set up (most people choose this option).

Option 1. With the small and medium sized castles, you might choose the Independent Option (for private parties only), in which you pick up, set up, pack up, and drop off the castles yourself. If you choose the independant option, you MUST watch this 6 minute video on how to pack a bouncy castle.

Option 2. With all castles, even if we deliver, you can choose to save some money if you have people help us set up and pack up. Usually it takes half an hour to set up and half an hour to pack up. Do not choose this option without letting your 'helpers' know they are being volunteered! It does require some muscle and heart-pumping work to help set up and pack up, but if you do not wish to help, we are very happy to do the work ourselves. Just let us know ahead of time so we can bring our own crew.

Option 3. We set up the castles ourselves if you choose this option. We have an experienced crew happy to do the work.

Choose the column that applies to you to see pricing. Contact us with any questions..

We are happy to transport the castles, though you might save some money by transporting the castles yourself. With the smallest castles, they can fit in a minivan (with enough room cleared). With medium castles you should use the back of an empty pickup truck. With larger castles, if you choose to transport the castles, it may mean towing the trailer with the inflatables. * Many families find it easier for us to transport, but offer to help when we arrive and to help pack up. *

Look up the left column for pricing if you choose the Independent Option for small and medium sized castles.

For safety reasons, each castle needs one dedicated supervisor during operation. With small and medium sized castles (for private parties only), by default we leave the party while it is going, and supervision becomes the responsibility of the family. For small and medium sized castles, we are happy to supply a supervisor for $25 per castle. For large castles, supervision is included in the price by default. Supervision means: 1. watching that children are not playing rough inside the castles, in particular, pushing and wrestling. 2. watching that children are not sliding down the big slides head first. 3. watching that children are not climbing the structures to the top, up to the meshes, or along the top walls. 4. watching that children are not bringing food, drinks, candy or gum into the castles. 5. making sure that the mats stay in place under the slides or in front of the entrances or exits.

Look up the right column for pricing to see whether supervision is included by default.